Day 11

Walked about 3 hours at the Toronto Comic Con. Its sort of exercise.

bagel no butter or cream cheese

3 eggs
6 glasses of water
grilled chicken burger
a Gatorade
2 peanut butter and jam sandwiches on whole wheat

Personal Victory
It was hard finding healthy food to eat today when I was out. I did find a grilled chicken burger. It was kind of hard to have it without fries but I did.

Went to the Toronto Comic Con today (ya I know I'm a big nerd) and I realized I really don't want to look like the majority of these guys. "Best Motivation Ever" (Simpsons comic book guy voice)
6/8/2010 04:38:34 am

Your motivations are valid. It's pretty funny to see a guy dressed up as Boba Fett or a Storm Trooper with a belly that makes him look 9 months pregnant.

6/8/2010 05:23:14 am

yes somethings cannot be unseen. I know they have there issues but I wouldn't think the empire would be that hard up for recruits.


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