So yesterday was a mixed blessing. I reached my second weight-loss goal but also found out some bad news. I have been having foot problems since Wednesday. I thought it was just bruising which I am used to with my martial arts training. After waiting for it to heal for a few days (which it didn't) I decided to go to the doctor thinking it may be broken. Ends up that I have Gout. So what does this mean for my goals? Aside from some time away from the gym that sucks, basically I have to re-think my diet (generally a high protein one).  I have to stay away from red meat and an over abundance of protein. I am in no way quitting my diet but it may be more of a challenge. Oh well I haven't come this far to stop now. It just looks like my journey may take a bit longer.

Day 60

1 coffee
yogurt and berries vanilla Tim Horton's
Chicken shawrma wrap
Subway turkey sub
raisin bran cereal

Personal Victory


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