So what is the meaning behind this entry's blog title.
I woke up this morning and decided to do a pre-check of my weight-loss since Monday. Basically the scale barley moved from what I weighed at last time. I guess its better than gaining weight but still a little discouraging. I think what I will take from this is 1) I will try not to do this again until official weigh-in days and 2) I still have 3 days to make a difference so going into the weekend I have to make sure I don't slip up.

Day 9

1 coffee
yogurt and berries vanilla Tim Horton's

ham and cheese on a whole wheat panini
Large Perrier
small cream of chicken soup
1 1/2 BBQ pork loin
Mixed vegitables
3 small potatoes
3/4 regular bag of movie popcorn (couldn't resist this one I'll pay for it I'm sure)
small raisin bran cearial

Personal Victory
Found it really hard today. I was really tempted to order in Chinese food... but I didn't..sigh

I shouldn't  check my weight prior to weigh-in day, if I do, I'll try not to get discouraged if I don't like what I see but rather use it to fuel my will-power.

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