No word of a lie, I actually had a dream about eating Pizza last night.  I don't remember too many details but I was definitely eating pizza. I hope the calories don't carry over during the day.
Day 14

1 hour of Muay Thai training

Large yogurt and strawberries
handful of Almonds
BBQ pork loin and 1/2 BBQ sausage
mixed vegetables
chicken soup
8 glasses of water
1 1/2 bowls of raisin bran cereal

Personal Victory
So I bought these incredibly bad for you, but incredibly tasty fried, seasoned pretzel pieces before I decided to lose weight. These 2 bags have been catching my eye for some time now. I noticed this morning that my wife opened one and ate some of it. I had never come so close to grabbing a handful. But I didn't. I think they need to be removed from site ASAP!


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