So the title of this entry is a little dramatic but I have to say I woke up this morning and really felt like quitting this diet. Pretty sad only 4 days in. I honestly feel my weight loss would have been seriously in jeopardy had i not started this site. I won't be quitting but I think I'm going to have a rough time with it.

So being a 39 year old overweight man this blog may have indeed saved my life.

Day 4

Played ball hockey with my 3yr old nephew. I worked up a sweat so I consider it exercise.

1 coffee
6 glasses of water
4 eggs
2 slices of Havarti cheese
1 bagel (I did some research and the Montreal bagels have only 90 calories as long as I don't put anything on them. I will save these for weekends)
1 sausage
green beans
1 small chicken breast
1 small piece of steak
1 diet iced tea

Personal Victory
Didn't quit today
stopped from putting butter on my bagel this morning.
Was at my parents for dinner tonight and they had both lemon meringue and key lime pie - I had neither.

I'm going to have to get over the social pressure at being at someone else s house if they offer junk food. It was kind of tough to say no tonight at my parents house.

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