Had another amazing week. Down 2 pounds which puts me 1 1/2 pounds past my initial goal of 10lbs weight lost. Its been a hard journey but definitely worth it. I already can feel the difference the weight loss makes in my day to day activities. I've decided to continue this journey. Stay tuned for Slam V 3.0

Day 32
1 hour of Muay Thai training

1 coffee
yogurt and berries vanilla Tim Horton's

Handful of Almonds
2 chicken sandwiches on whole wheat
2 small yogurts
mixed vegetables
2 small turkey and Swiss sandwiches on whole wheat buns
8 glasses of water

Personal Victory

Sharon W
6/28/2010 02:24:06 am

Way to go! It's a great acomplishment!

So proud of you!

6/28/2010 07:25:08 am

Congrats. So what is the new goal? Keep goin' 'till we can see yer ribs?

6/29/2010 12:21:27 am

mmmmmmmm Ribs!

No. My next goal is to hit 229lbs. I assume these 10 will take a little longer. I'm sure my body will start to plateau at some point. It would be nice to hit this some time in August. 20lbs loss over the summer would be quite the accomplishment for me.


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