Day 1
1 1/2 hours Kali weapons training.
Large Coffee (no sugar)
Large Tea (no sugar)
2 yogurts
1 hamburger
1/2 portion of desert. (shouldn't have had this but I gave half away)
1 glass soy protein drink (actually tastes pretty good)
2 tuna sandwiches (1 can of tuna, minimal mayo)
4 glasses of water
Personal Victory

Starting this blog,
Starting this diet.
Avoided getting my usual bagel with extra butter for breakfast.
Gave half my desert away
Came very close to eating some chips with my sandwich. but I didn't...sigh...Chips will be hard to give up.
Normally I would have brought 2 hamburgers for lunch. Portion control will be key.
Not much in the way of veggies today. LOL. Have to work on that.
5/27/2010 05:59:03 am

I must say I am inspired! It takes balls to put it all out there! So to speak! :) Why not encourage others to play along? I too have had enough. I saw yet another picture of myself today, and said "holy mother F%*$*ing crap!". I too own a mirror (or two) but can go days without looking in it. My goal for today, look at myself, really look at myself. It's a first step right?

5/28/2010 01:13:43 am

A good start and a great story. Many of the comments had me chuckling. your writing style reminds me a Kevin Smith.

5/28/2010 02:14:23 am

Thanks folks, I of course encourage everyone to play along. But for me personally, I can't look to what others are doing. I fell into that trap many years ago when I had regular gym partners. If my friend/s didn't go it was a great excuse for me not to go.

Mike. I think I'm by far less of a writer than Mr Smith. I assume you are referring to the bluntness. Thanks for the kind words though.


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