Day 30

1 1/2 hours of Muay Thai training

Starbucks Protein drink (Vivanno) with a shot of espresso.
pork chop with mixed vegetables
6 waters
1 beer
1 double burger BBQ
cucumber and carrots
bowl of raisin bran cereal

Personal Victory
Went to my friends birthday party and I was fairly good about what I ate. I actually had a game plan once I knew what was available.

Once again I was at a party situation but my game plan was to have a good sized meal with mostly protein rather than pick at the snack table. I had a double burger rather than 2 burgers on buns, and some cucumber and carrots without dip. I felt satisfied with the dinner and didn't feel the need to eat all night as I usually would have done
6/28/2010 07:23:21 am

6/28/2010 07:23:43 am

Interesting strategy, I should try it myself.


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