So, Ive named my dog Ninja. He has a black coat, he tends to silently stalk people, plus he knows Ninjitsu so it seems like a good fit.

Day 22

1 coffee
yogurt and berries vanilla Tim Horton's

Handful of Almonds
6 glasses of water
1 large gatorade
Chicken Shawarma wrap on whole wheat
2 small stuffed chicken breasts with mixed vegetables.
1 piece of Swiss Chalet Chicken breast with mixed vegitables.
1 reg gatorade
1 small popcorn no butter

Personal Victory
Went for only the small popcorn at the movies tonight (it was pretty tiny)
Had the mixed vegetables with my Swiss Chalet instead of the french fries. I love those fries.

Knowing I was going t0 the movies tonight I had decided ahead of time to get the small popcorn. I find I binge when its unplanned and have a moment of weakness. Better to be a little bad than a lot.
Sharon W
6/17/2010 07:47:35 am

WOW!!! You are almost of your 10lbs goal!!!

Way to go!!!

And it's so great that you added 5 lbs of puppy to your life!


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